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5 Benefits of Sending Your Kids to Sleepaway Camp November 29, 2017

Hancock, Addison
5 Benefits of Sending Your Kids to Sleepaway Camp, Hancock, Vermont

Some parents worry about sending their kids to camp for the summer. It’s an entirely new environment for them, and they may not be used to spending so much time away from home. The benefits, however, outweigh the initial doubts. With all the exciting activities sleepaway camp provides, your child will learn an abundance of important life lessons while having fun. At Killooleet Camp of Hancock, VT, kids make lasting memories with great new friends in a welcoming, active environment. Their highly trained counselors share five reasons why an overnight summer camp is a valuable experience for your child.

How Kids Benefit From Sleepaway Camp

1. Learn Novel Skills

Summer camps offer a long list of activities for an extensive range of interests. From performing arts to woodworking to archery, your child will have the chance to hone their skills as well as develop new ones. Sometimes, parents can’t find the time or funds to introduce their kids to different hobbies during the school year, but camp counselors have all the resources and facilities needed to help your camper learn something new.

2. Develop Independence

When kids spend time away from parents, they’re able to start making decisions on their own. They develop confidence and a sense of self from facing daily challenges without a guiding hand. Whether they’re navigating the difficulty of a new skill or resolving conflicts with friends, your child will experience independence at sleepaway camp.

3. Experience the Outdoors

sleepaway campThere’s a broad, beautiful world to see, and kids can explore and learn all about the great outdoors. Sleepaway camps implement a screen-less summer policy, encouraging children to get to know one another and reconnect with nature. They’ll engage in fun outdoor activities, such as kayaking, rock climbing, and sketching the landscape.

4. Practice Responsibility

Camp isn’t just about going out and having fun. Campers have responsibilities, from cleaning up their cabins to working together to accomplish tasks. They’ll have the opportunity to learn about accountability, respecting others, and teamwork.

5. Make New Friends

Through a diverse range of activities and a stress-free setting, it’s easy for kids to make new friends at sleepaway camp. Living and learning together is a very different environment from school. The bonds and friendships made at camp are strong, so your child will undoubtedly make some lifelong companions.

If you want your kids to expand their horizons and flourish this summer, consider sending them to sleepaway camp. When campers stay at Killooleet Camp, they’ll get to experience the gorgeous Green Mountain National Forest while keeping their minds and bodies active. Counselors care about the safety, well-being, and growth of your child, so you can be sure your little camper will come home happy with stories to tell and new skills to show off. Call (802) 767-3152 today for more information, or visit their website.

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