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4 Winter Preparation Tips for Propane-Heated Homes November 28, 2017

Black River Falls, Jackson
4 Winter Preparation Tips for Propane-Heated Homes, Black River Falls, Wisconsin

As the temperatures drop, you’ll need a properly working heating system to ensure you stay comfortable inside. If your home is fueled by propane, a little preparation can prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns on freezing nights. Here, the experts at Federation Cooperative in Black River Falls, WI, list a few ways you can ready your home.

4 Tips to Prepare for Winter in a Propane-Heated House

1. Refill the Propane Tank

At the start of the season, have your tank refilled completely to avoid running low on gas when you need it most. Work with a trusted company that’s known for providing top-notch products to ensure you get the best rates and service. Once your tank is full, schedule automatic deliveries every few months for added convenience. This way, the task of refilling the tank will never fall by the wayside, and your home will always have access to this much-needed heat source. 

2. Clear Outside Debris

PropaneAfter the fall, you may discover debris like leaves, twigs, or even nests near your propane tank and appliance vents. These items can hinder gas flow and cause unnecessary hazards due to propane’s flammable nature. Make a habit of clearing these items each season so there’s safe and unrestricted access. 

3. Schedule Inspections

To ensure all your appliances are running smoothly, schedule inspections before the winter. An experienced technician can check your gas lines and evaluate the condition of your stove, oven, and HVAC system to confirm everything is up to code. Better still, you’ll avoid spending unnecessary money on energy bills due to leaks or blockages. For peace of mind and to reduce the need for costly repairs, schedule these inspections on an annual basis when you transition your system from cooling to heating. 

4. Adjust the Water Heater’s Temperature

In the winter, your water heater works overtime to provide hot water while combating freezing outdoor temperatures. To save money and avoid wearing out this appliance, turn the temperature down a few degrees. You’ll still enjoy hot showers and warm water in the kitchen, but without the bigger price tag and added strain on the appliance.

At Federation Cooperative in Black River Falls, WI, they provide the region’s best farm, home, and business equipment, from bulk diesel fuel to fertilizer. If you need a propane refill this winter, call them at (715) 284-5354 to schedule an appointment. Visit their website to find out why locals have trusted them for stellar service and products since 1929.