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5 Benefits of Motorized Window Shades November 27, 2017

Mililani Mauka, Honolulu
5 Benefits of Motorized Window Shades , Mililani Mauka, Hawaii

Windows invite the outdoors into your home, bringing fresh air, natural sunlight, and a touch of nature. However, without proper window shades, they can also expose you to unfavorable weather conditions, costly energy bills, and even potential intruders. Fortunately, the interior design experts at Window Concepts in Mililani, HI, can help you gain greater control over your home with their beautiful and affordable motorized window treatments. These specialized shades offer a variety of benefits traditional blinds and drapery lack.

5 Advantages of Motorized Window Treatments

1. Ease of Use

Whereas traditional blinds with cords can be cumbersome, motorized window treatments allow you to easily and effectively control your room lighting with the flick of a switch. Plus, you can operate multiple shades simultaneously for complete room control.

2. Security

window shadesMotorized window treatments are cord-free, making them a safe choice for your family by keeping children and pets out of harm’s way. Their automated settings can also help protect your home from intruders while you are away.

3. Energy Conservation

Motorized window treatments are a practical way to reduce energy consumption, saving you money on costly utility bills by blocking direct sunlight throughout the day.

4. Increased Property Value

Since motorized window shades are a highly desirable commodity, adding them to your home is an excellent way to boost your property value. You can get a return on this investment should you decide to sell your home down the road.

5. Improved Heat Management

With built-in sun sensor, you can program your window shades to automatically raise or lower depending on the weather. This functionality allows for improved heat retention in winter and better heat prevention during warmer months.

Are you ready to gain more control over your home? Window Concepts has over 22 years of experience installing a variety of interior treatments on Oahu, including wood blinds, shutters, and cornices. Learn how motorized window shades can transform your space online, and call (808) 626-1966 to schedule your free window measurement.

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