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4 FAQs About Cooling & Heating Systems Answered November 29, 2017

Lorimor, Union
4 FAQs About Cooling & Heating Systems Answered, Lorimor, Iowa

To make the most of your home’s cooling and heating systems, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of how they operate. While no two units are exactly alike, most run using the same basic technology, making it a bit easier for homeowners to learn about them. This knowledge will help you make sound decisions on maintenance and upkeep moving forward.  

Common Cooling & Heating System Questions Answered 

How Does the Unit Work?

An HVAC system works by drawing air in through a part called an air return. Meanwhile, your outdoor fan unit creates airflow. Depending on whether you’re trying to cool or warm your house, the system will add heat or coolant to the air before it pumps it back in through your vents. 

What About Dust? 

heating systemsDust can wreak havoc on an HVAC system, affecting its efficiency as well as the air quality it produces. Each unit is equipped with air filters that work hard to trap dust and keep it from being expelled through your vents. While they do a great job on their own, it’s up to the homeowner to clean and change the filters regularly to ensure optimal results. 

Is Safety a Priority? 

HVAC appliances are built to be completely safe and hazard-free. The heating component, which is the main source of concern for most homeowners, has a built-in system to push away harmful exhaust from your house.

What Happens After Installation?

Once you’ve had your HVAC unit installed, it’s up to you to keep it in top shape. Make sure that you are enlisting regular service from a heating and cooling expert to keep an eye on each individual part as well as the system as a whole. The right contractor will go the extra mile to make sure each component is working safely and effectively to keep your home comfortable and efficient. 


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