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3 Details to Know Before Selling to a Pawnbroker November 28, 2017

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3 Details to Know Before Selling to a Pawnbroker, Lincoln, Nebraska

Many people know a pawn shop is an excellent place to find electronics and jewelry at low prices. However, you can also sell your own items for fast cash. A pawnbroker will offer you a loan in exchange for your belongings and return them to you once the balance is paid off. The key to pawning your goods is to know what questions to ask before you sell. A high-quality shop will not only answer your questions but will also go out of their way to make sure you are fully informed about the entire process. 

Below are three questions you should ask:

  • pawnbrokerHow Much Selling Experience Do You Have? When choosing a pawn shop to work with, it’s crucial to find a business with plenty of experience to back up their reputation. Ask how long the store has been in business in their current location to minimize the risk of losing money if they suddenly close and take your item with them. Look for a shop with multiple locations or one that has been around for at least a few years. 
  • Are You Insured? Insurance is crucial when it comes to finding a quality pawnbroker. A reputable shop will back up the money on your items if anything should happen to them. They will pay you the insured amount you agreed upon when you initially sold the item. 
  • How Much Can I Make? The goal of selling a belonging to a pawn shop is to get your desired loan amount quickly. However, it’s vital to look for a company that will offer you a reasonable amount. A business that tries to convince you to take more than you need for a single item might rack up your debt. Instead, aim to work with a pawnbroker that keeps up with current prices so you are getting a fair, honest loan.


Are you looking to pawn your possessions in Lincoln, NE? Consider working with the team at Moore Pawn & Furniture. A pillar of their community, the company has earned a reputation for superior integrity. With help from one of their expert pawnbrokers, you can receive the loan you need without a hassle. For more information, visit them online or give them a call at (402) 477-5116.

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