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A Cleaning Service’s Tips to Stop Germs This Flu Season November 28, 2017

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A Cleaning Service’s Tips to Stop Germs This Flu Season, Cameron, Wisconsin

As cold weather sets in, cold and flu germs are running rampant through businesses, schools, and homes. While it might seem like fevers and sniffles are everywhere, there’s a lot you can do to protect yourself and your family from getting sick, or at least from sharing germs with one another. Follow these tips from a professional cleaning service to minimize the spread of illness in your home.

Identify Contact Points

Contact points are places and items lots of people are likely to touch. Identify the contact points in your home. These include doorknobs, railings, drawers and cabinets, refrigerators and other appliances, and remotes.


Once you know where the germs are most likely to turn up, start wiping them down. There are many options for disinfectant solutions, but for a quick fix, keep some disinfectant wipes on hand.

Clean Shared Items

Cleaning ServiceOther objects may not seem as obvious as carriers for germs, but it’s still important to clean them. Blankets and sheets should be washed weekly, and you should consider hiring a cleaning service to perform upholstery cleaning on chairs and couches.

Clean the Supplies

Don’t forget the rag or sponge you use to wipe down problem areas can also pick up germs. To make sure you aren’t just spreading things around, switch out or launder your cleaning supplies, or choose a disposable option.

This cold and flu season, you can beat the viruses that threaten you and your family. By keeping things clean around the house, you can limit the spread of germs and avoid getting sick. Start your new cleaning routine today and enjoy the improvement in your family’s health.


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