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4 Safe Driving Tips to Prevent Accidents & Personal Injuries November 26, 2017

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4 Safe Driving Tips to Prevent Accidents & Personal Injuries, Ava, Missouri

As winter weather approaches, safe driving habits are more important than ever. It only takes a moment of inattention behind the wheel to get into an accident that could have serious repercussions. Depending on the severity of the incident, you may declared at fault in a personal injury claim or reckless driving case. While some accidents are unavoidable, most can be prevented with the following safe driving tips.

4 Tips for Preventing Accidents on the Road

1. Leave Enough Space

Following another vehicle closely doesn’t give you time to react to sudden changes in traffic patterns or unexpected road obstructions. Even if your brakes are working properly, you could still rear-end a driver who has stopped in front of you. In most jurisdictions, making contact with another vehicle means you can automatically be held responsible for the accident.

2. Slow Down in Inclement Weather

Wet and icy roads are hazardous, even when visibility is clear. Driving slowly and cautiously will give you more time and space to stop or respond to changing conditions. Maintaining control of the vehicle also allows you to turn and follow curves in the road without skidding.

3. Obey Speed Limits

personal injury Ava MOThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that speed is a factor in almost a third of fatal accidents, along with millions of personal injuries every year. If you go faster than the speed limit, then you are more likely to lose control of the vehicle when turning, trying to avoid an obstacle, or stopping.

4. Check Your Blind Spots

The mirrors in most vehicles don’t provide a complete picture of the area around your vehicle. Car parts like the window frames and trunk can cause blind spots that make it difficult to anticipate when another vehicle is approaching, even if you adjust the mirrors. Before changing lanes or making a turn, always check these spots to make sure there are no hazards in the area.

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