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4 Reasons to Hire an Electrician December 5, 2017

Davenport, Lincoln
4 Reasons to Hire an Electrician, Davenport, Washington

If you need electrical repairs in your home, you may think you can handle it by yourself. However, dealing with electricity can be very dangerous, especially if you don’t have the necessary tools or training to handle the task. To ensure a fully functional system and to mitigate any damage, hiring a professional electrician is crucial. 

Top 3 Reasons to Enlist an Electrician

1. Safety

The most important reason to hire an electrician is to ensure safety. An estimated 51,000 house fires occur each year due to electrical problems, causing more than 1,400 injuries and $1.3 billion in property damage costs. Even if a fire doesn’t occur immediately, improperly wiring the system could lead to problems down the road. Professional electricians are specifically trained to avoid such problems, keeping your home and family safe.

2. Financial Savings

electricianThere are many tools needed to complete electrical projects, which professionals will already have on-hand. Taking a DIY approach will require you to spend money on equipment, which can often be costly. Additionally, professional electricians will be up-to-date on all local codes, helping to avoid fines for illegal work. Finally, attempting to handle the project yourself without the right knowledge could lead to further damage, necessitating expensive electrical repairs later on.

3. Expertise

Your home’s wiring is complex, and it’s easy to confuse electrical lines with other systems—including gas and cable. Professional electricians are required to have a minimum of four years’ experience, or about 8,000 hours. This ensures they are fully capable of completing any jobs correctly and efficiently, avoiding amateur mistakes that could lead to property damage or health risks.


When it comes to your home’s systems, hiring a professional electrician is the best course of action. If you’re looking for an expert to repair issues or provide preventative maintenance in Davenport, WA, look no further than Halme Electric and Pump. Since 1985, these professionals have provided top-quality electrical, water well drilling, and well pump services, and they would be happy to help you. To schedule an appointment, give them a call today at (509) 725-3500, and visit their website for more information on what they do. 

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