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3 Things You Should Know About Granite Countertops November 16, 2017

North Corbin, Laurel
3 Things You Should Know About Granite Countertops, North Corbin, Kentucky

You probably already know granite countertops can make a kitchen look great, but there’s more to the material than meets the eye. Surplus Sales in Corbin, KY, knows all about the qualities and benefits of granite countertops. The company sells granite in a variety of styles, along with plenty of other home renovation materials. If you’re interested in learning more about granite countertops, check out this guide from these experts.

The Ultimate Guide to Granite Countertops

1. Granite Is a Natural Stone Material

Granite is a natural stone material that is formed out of compressed molten rock beneath the earth’s surface. This is the main building block of granite countertops, which also incorporate small crystals and other rocks. For this reason, no two granite countertops are exactly alike.

2. Granite Comes in Several Colors & Finishes

granite countertopsThe finished countertops you install in your home look a bit different from the natural rock that’s extracted from the earth. Manufacturers cut the granite into neat slabs and finish the surface and edges. You can purchase countertops in different finishes, like glossy, smooth, or antique. You can also choose from different colors, which differ depending on the area where the granite is harvested.

3. Granite Is Easy to Maintain

After your granite countertops are installed, you’ll need a professional to seal them so they’re protected. However, they’re fairly easy to care for after that. You can wipe them clean with a soapy cloth. You’ll also want to keep acidic liquids away from the countertop, but aside from that, granite is durable.

All of these factors make granite countertops perfect for any kitchen. Surplus Sales offers a variety of countertop options and other quality home and garden products, including kitchen cabinets, hardwood flooring, and mulch out of its locations in Corbin, Elkton, and Paducah. You can also view a catalog of Cabinetry Styles online, or call (606) 523-9730 for more information.

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