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4 Things to Know When Opting to Convert Oil to Gas December 1, 2017

New Britain, Hartford County
4 Things to Know When Opting to Convert Oil to Gas, New Britain, Connecticut

Although homeowners often see a spike in energy bills during winter, opting to power furnaces and additional equipment with oil only adds to the expense. To reduce monthly rates, many people are deciding to convert oil to gas. The switch can result in considerable savings in home heating costs. Below, you can find information to help you decide whether to make the change. 

Deciding Whether to Convert Oil to Gas? Consider These 4 Interesting Points

1. Gas Is Better for the Environment 

Opting to convert oil to gas will greatly reduce your carbon footprint. Harmful emissions are released when using oil heat, increasing the chances of dangerous toxins contaminating the air or local water supply. Natural gas has lower carbon emission levels, making it a more environmentally friendly choice. 

2. Rebates Often Accompany the Conversion

convert oil to gasBecause natural gas is better for the environment, many states offer homeowners rebates and additional incentives for making the switch. Perks often include monetary savings and financing on heating equipment installation costs.

3. Natural Gas Can Power Other Appliances

Opting to convert oil to gas is a simple way to streamline how energy is delivered to the home. In addition to heating equipment, the gas line can be used to operate stovetops, ovens, water heaters, and additional appliances. 

4. Gas Prices Are Stable

The rise and fall in oil heat prices is often unpredictable, which can make it difficult to factor fuel costs into monthly budgeting. Natural gas prices are much more stable by comparison, equaling savings in home heating costs and easier budgeting.


For high-quality oil to power home heating systems, turn to Rutkowski Plumbing & Heating in New Britain, CT. To discuss oil to gas conversion costs in Hartford County and get tips to prepare heating equipment for winter, call (860) 223-8569 to speak with a representative. Visit the company online to explore how they convert oil to gas, and like them on Facebook for announcements. 

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