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3 Tips to Help You Pick the Perfect Pizza Toppings November 28, 2017

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3 Tips to Help You Pick the Perfect Pizza Toppings, West Haven, Connecticut

No matter how you top your pizza, you’re in for a delicious treat. However, there are toppings that can add more flavor to a cheese slice. Bella Villa Pizza & Restaurant in West Haven, CT, excels at creating tantalizing combinations for pie lovers. Below, they share a few of their trade secrets to help you make your next meal one to remember. 

3 Tips to Help You Pick the Perfect Pizza Toppings

1. Be Creative

While a simple pepperoni pizza is hard to beat, when visiting an Italian restaurant, you should take advantage of their diverse offerings. Try an interesting new combo from the menu or get creative and build your own. You don’t need to limit toppings because they’re not similar in flavor; however, if you’re going for an unusual ingredient with a bold taste, consider letting it shine solo or pairing it with just one or two more items.

2. Consider the Sauce

PizzaPizza is delicious when served with olive oil, classic marinara, or white sauce. When it comes to choosing the right accompaniment, consider flavors that go well with your sauce. Tomato-based sauces highlight vegetables and sausage. White sauces complement chicken, spinach, and mushrooms.

3. Compromise with Loved Ones

Everyone has their favorite combos, but sometimes, you have to compromise. The good news is that meeting in the middle can lead to some delicious new inventions. When dining with a friend, resist the temptation to order individual pies. Instead, dress your pizza with each of your favorite treats and enjoy a brand new culinary creation.

You really can’t go wrong with pizza, but you can make it even better when you pick just the right toppings. Bella Villa Pizza & Restaurant is West Haven, Connecticut’s favorite place for mouth-watering pies, pasta, subs, and seafood. Their menu is packed with classic meals and creative combos. Place your order for dine in, delivery, or takeout by ordering online or calling (203) 934-5577.

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