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5 Tips for Home Security While You’re Away for the Holidays December 8, 2017

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5 Tips for Home Security While You’re Away for the Holidays, Monroe, Louisiana

The holidays are upon us, which means many of us will be traveling away from our homes to spend time with family and friends. The increased time away puts our homes at risk of home invasions. CenturyLink® Security Smart Home offers not only security but many great features that can put your mind at ease during the holidays. CenturyLink® Security in Monroe, LA, offers the following five tips for keeping your home secured and maintained while you are away for this holiday season.

5 Holiday Home Security Tips 

1. Program Your Lights

Would you like to use holiday lights without significant increases in your electricity bill? CenturyLink® Security’s lamp modules give you the ability to put your holiday lights on a timer. Celebrating the season by setting your holiday lights to come on and off for a few hours each night so your neighborhood can enjoy the decorations without challenging your utility budget. Also if your house looks as if someone is home, it will most likely be less of a target for would-be burglars. You can have your lamp modules come on randomly throughout the night and day to simulate a person is inside the home. Make your home more inviting after returning from a trip by having your lights on as a warm welcome home.

2. Use a Remote Video-Monitoring System

The holidays bring good tidings and online shopping. This season is when thieves target package deliveries. CenturyLink® Security offers many ways to watch your home when you are away. CenturyLink® Security’s SkyBell is an HD video doorbell with two-way audio and motion detection. You can get an alert when someone approaches your door with a package and have an audio conversation with the delivery person to give them special instructions on hiding the package from prying eyes of others. This same technology allows you to know if a would-be burglar is approaching your door. You can capture video of this person to give to your local authorities or share the video with neighbor and friends to spread awareness.

3. Display a CenturyLink® Security System Sign or Stickers

As a CenturyLink® Security customer, you will receive branded signs and stickers. CenturyLink signage serves as a first line of defense against criminals looking for homes to burglarize. Any onlookers will know your home is protected by CenturyLink® Security with state of the art equipment.

4. Make Your Home Look Occupied

CenturyLink® Security offers appliance modules. Appliance modules can be used to turn on and off different appliance and electronics. When you are away you can schedule your television or radio to turn on and off to fool potential criminals.

Also if someone arrives at your home while you are away and you want to allow them in, CenturyLink® Security’s Yale® Door Locks provides the ability to remotely unlock and lock your door. CenturyLink® Security door lock not only offers remote functionality but it is also a stylish addition to your home with many plating options.

5. Temperature & Water Control

If you will be gone longer than one day, you may want to keep the heating system cooler than you normally wouldCenturyLink® Security’s thermostat allows you to remotely control your HVAC system. You can set the thermostat on auto and tell it how cold temperature can get before turning your heater on and having your home warm up to your predefined set point.

In case of a water pipe burst CenturyLink® Security also offers water sensors that will send an alarm to your smart device and to our central station when it detects water on the ground. Be proactive today with a water sensor to prevent loss of property and increased utility bill.

Before you leave for a vacation or the winter holidays, learn how you can protect your home with a complete home security package. Call CenturyLink® Security today at (800) 256-3352image to speak with a representative, or contact the company through their website for more information.

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