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Bronx Medical Center Helps You Germ-Proof Your Home November 30, 2017

West Farms, Bronx
Bronx Medical Center Helps You Germ-Proof Your Home, Bronx, New York

Keeping a germ-free home is crucial to avoid the very worst cold and flu season has to offer. But how can you ensure that your home environment remains germ-free? The team at Morris Park Medical Center knows that winter illnesses can leave you down for the count. That’s why this Bronx, NY, medical center offers patients the information they need to steer clear of germs, and illness as a result.

Bronx Medical Center Offers 3 Ways to Make a Germ-Free Home

1. Always Wash Your Hands

Of all the advancement made in modern medical care, perhaps the best way to stave off illness is to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. In this case, all you need is soap and hot water; while some say it’s best to wash your hands with water as hot as you can stand, that isn’t necessary. Instead, be sure to wash your hands for at least twenty seconds to make certain they are germ-free.

2. Get Vaccinated

medical centerFlu shots are another great way to keep illness at bay. Doctors recommend that everyone 6 months or older should receive a flu shot on a yearly basis, with the very young and very old being the top priorities. Because you may encounter a different strain of the flu after receiving your shot, it’s important to keep up on your germ-fighting techniques.

3. Sneeze Right

When you sneeze your germs are compelled several feet into the air. You can prevent the spread of germs while sneezing by taking the right approach however. This entails sneezing into the crook of your arm or into your sneeze, which can stop germs in your tracks. If at all possible, try to wash your hands after you sneeze.

Morris Park Medical Center is a trusted member of the community thanks to patient-centered approach to health and wellness. Schedule an appointment with a trusted Bronx doctor by calling (718) 664-7679 today. You can also visit this medical center online for more information on the full range of services offered.

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