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3 Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Tire Alignment November 27, 2017

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3 Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Tire Alignment, Newark, Ohio

As you go about your daily routine, you may not be attuned to the slight changes in your vehicle’s performance. Over time, these changes can turn into costly repairs and decreases in safety. A tire alignment can be the difference between staying securely on the road and sliding off it. The mechanics at Brown’s Transmission Services & Full Service Auto Repairs in Newark, OH, have been perfecting auto maintenance work for almost 60 years. Below, they share three major signs your car needs an alignment.

How to Tell When Your Vehicle Needs a Tire Alignment

1. Steering Wheel Trouble

Your steering wheel can indicate a tire misalignment. If it vibrates or is crooked while driving straight, your tires are off-kilter. The vibration is a result of your steering wheel attempting to drive tires that are moving in opposite directions. A crooked steering wheel means your tires aren’t sitting in the right positions. 

2. Unusual Tire Wear

tire alignmentAre your tires worn down on either the inside or the outside edges? Check to see if your vehicle’s front two tires are worn in the same places. The same can be done for the back two tires. If there are different wear patterns, your vehicle needs a tire alignment. Misalignment causes your tires to rotate at different angles from one another, creating strange wear patterns.

3. Vehicle Pulling

Tire pressure could be one cause of vehicle pulling, so check the pressure to confirm it’s not too low. You can further determine your need for a tire alignment by driving your vehicle in a straight line, then letting go of the steering wheel. If your car strays to the right or left, your tires have moved out of their correct positions.

Is your vehicle struggling with any of the above problems? Give Brown’s Transmission Services & Full Service Auto Repairs a call at (740) 522-4459. Their technicians are the trusted authority on transmission repairs, tire alignments, and general auto maintenance in Licking County. Visit them online to learn more about their impressive range of services.

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