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3 Water Pump Repair & Maintenance Tips November 29, 2017

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3 Water Pump Repair & Maintenance Tips, Bremerton, Washington

If your home uses a water well, it can be easy to forget that these systems require regular maintenance. Homeowners should be on the lookout for early signs of water pump repair so any issues can be caught early before they become costlier to fix. With regular maintenance and routine inspections, Coolwater Drilling in Bremerton and Shelton, WA, explains that your private well will serve your family for years. With nearly 40 years of experience with these water systems, these professionals share some advice on how to maintain your pump and well.

3 Water Pump Maintenance Tips

Conduct Home Inspections Regularly

Homeowners should inspect water wells every month to catch issues early and guard against pump repairs. The water pump should be raised firmly on the base, with the motor properly functioning. All seals should be checked and mended if necessary.

Schedule Professional Well Maintenance Periodically

While regular inspections are important for homeowners to conduct, water wells should be professionally serviced every two to three years. During these appointments, your technician will test your tank’s water pressure, take note of pump times and cycle starts, and see if any pump repairs are needed.

Perform Well Water Testing

pump repairWell owners perform well water testing regularly to make sure their pump is still operating efficiently. You should be looking for the presence of bacteria, nitrates, and any other contaminants. As a precaution, fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals should always be kept away from your well location to prevent contamination. At-home tests are available for purchase for periodic assessments, but professional water testing should be done annually.

Have your water well inspected by a professional you can trust. For the past four decades, residents and businesses in western Washington have put their faith in the reliable well drilling and pump installation services offered by Coolwater Drilling. These drilling specialists are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to work on projects of any size, offering affordable rates and superior service. Head online to learn more about their services, including pump repair, water testing, and well maintenance. Call (360) 830-9005 for Bremerton or (360) 426-3545 for Shelton, WA, to schedule a no-obligation, free estimate.

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