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4 Reasons to See Your Ophthalmologist at Least Once a Year December 7, 2017

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4 Reasons to See Your Ophthalmologist at Least Once a Year, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

You rely on your vision every single day, so it’s important to schedule annual appointments with your ophthalmologist. Regular eye exams give you the chance to identify any potential health conditions early, while also learning more about your overall eye care options. The following are some essential reasons to see your eye doctor at least once a year.

4 Reasons To Schedule Annual Exams With An Ophthalmologist

Ophthalmologist1. Ensuring Your Prescription Is Correct

The strength of your vision can change over the years. If you don’t have the right eye glasses prescription to correct it—or if you have a minor vision problem that hasn’t been corrected at all—you could suffer from side effects like headaches, poor work performance, and even perceived clumsiness. Make sure you have the right prescription for your needs.

2. Learning About New Technologies

Innovators in the eye care industry are constantly developing new types of glasses, contacts, and more. If you don’t know about these new advances, you can’t take advantage of them. During your annual eye exam, you get a chance to talk with your ophthalmologist about any new developments that you might be interested in.

3. Identifying Problems

Many vision issues go undetected for a long time, because patients don’t experience symptoms until the condition has progressed to a particular stage. The sooner you receive treatment for these types of conditions, the better. You need a professional checking your eyes annually to ensure there are no issues you need to be aware of.

4. Learning About Proper Eye Care

There are plenty of steps you can take in your daily life to protect your vision. Every year, it’s important to see a specialist and talk about lifestyle changes you can make to keep your eyes healthy.

Healthy eyes are a heavy contributor to your quality of life. Make sure you’re doing what you should be to protect them.


If you’re looking for an ophthalmologist in the Lexington, KY, area, schedule an appointment at Kentucky Eye Center. Providing everything from routine exams to surgical care, these experts are ready to help you on the road to better eye health. Contact them online to learn more about becoming a patient, or call (859) 277-2692.

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