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Different Support Groups for Parents of Kids With Behavioral Issues November 22, 2017

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Different Support Groups for Parents of Kids With Behavioral Issues, Rochester, New York

As a parent, it’s challenging when your child is facing emotional/behavioral issues. Of course, you want to help them, and you would likely do anything to help your kid succeed. But even still, it’s normal to feel emotionally drained by the situation. At Mental Health Association Of Rochester/Monroe County, they understand this. That’s why they’re happy to provide a direct support and a directory of outside support groups for parents in the area. Even if your child needs professional help to overcome their challenges, supportive parents at the MHA will help you stay positive during the process.

Support Groups for Parents of Children With Behavioral Challenges

Support-Group-Rochester-NYParent (Peer) Facilitated Groups

As the name implies, the people who start, manage, and coordinate these groups are parents or caregivers themselves. As peers, they usually have no formal training or professional credentials, but they do have experience parenting children with behavioral issues, allowing everyone to share, support, and grow through one another.  

Professionally Facilitated Groups

These groups are facilitated by MHA staff or other community mental health support professionals. Professionals trained in listening skills and group dynamics bring parents together to share their stories and promote skills building. You’ll benefit most from this option if you want the opportunity to share your feelings with a group while also having an objective, uninvolved person available to manage the session.

Supportive Therapy Groups

This type of group involves working with a professional therapist or counselor who can offer the necessary therapeutic interventions. You should consider this option if your child’s behavior is taking a substantial toll on your own mental well-being.

If you’re seeking support groups to help with the unique challenges involved in parenting a child with behavior issues, turn to the team at Mental Health Association of Rochester/Monroe County. This non-profit has served the region for 85 years, helping families work through the ups and downs of behavioral and mental health issues. Contact them online for more information on their services, and call (585) 325-3145 to speak with a compassionate staff member today.

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