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The Benefits of Installing 6-Inch Gutters & Downspouts November 22, 2017

Hamilton, La Crosse County
The Benefits of Installing 6-Inch Gutters & Downspouts, Hamilton, Wisconsin

Rain gutters are an essential part of your property's drainage system. They prevent flooding and foundation damage by collecting the rainwater that lands on your rooftop and directing it away from your home. Although 5-inch gutters are standard, many homeowners have upgraded to the larger 6-inch gutters. In the following sections, Advanced Seamless, the most experienced gutter replacement company in West Salem, WI, explains why. Because the larger models can handle an additional 40% more water, they offer numerous benefits over their smaller siblings. The most important of these are discussed below.

Advantages of 6-Inch Rain Gutters & Downspouts

Better Erosion & Flooding Prevention

GuttersBecause they can contain considerably more water, 6-inch gutters and downspouts do not overflow as easily during torrential downpours and, thus, do a better job of directing rainwater away from the house. Gutter overflow leads to various problems, including landscape erosion and flooding. It can transform your lawn into a swamp, wash away the topsoil from your flower bed, and overwater — sometimes fatally — your shrubberies.

Better Foundation Protection

Another serious problem that arises due to gutter overflow is damage to your foundation and moisture seeping into your basement. Foundation blocks are porous, and water that isn't guided away from your house can seep into the brick and cause several types of damage. It can enter your house and cause water damage, or it can freeze and crack the foundation blocks, leaving your home even more vulnerable to water damage.

Fewer Siding Stains

Over time, dirty water sloshing over the rim of a rain gutter leaves stains on your siding. This not only looks unattractive, but it also requires you invest time and resources to power wash it clean. This is time you could otherwise spend on activities you enjoy.

It's clear that 6-inch gutters save you time and money by reducing the chance of drainage problems. Advanced Seamless is the premier gutter company in West Salem, WI. For your convenience, they sell standard 5-inch gutters as well as the larger 6-inch variety that can handle increased water volume. To learn more, visit their website to submit an online information request, or call (608) 786-2929 to discuss your options with a friendly gutter repair professional.

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