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A Guide to Alcohol & Drug Testing for Employers November 28, 2017

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A Guide to Alcohol & Drug Testing for Employers, Artesia, New Mexico

In the United States, the transportation industry must be drug- and alcohol-free, as this promotes safe practices among employees. As a result, it’s important for employers in the industry to comply with federal regulations and test all employees, regardless of the mode of transportation. The drug testing experts at Artesia Drug and Alcohol Screening, based in Artesia, NM, understand these complex laws and rules for employers and offer a few key pieces of knowledge below to ensure your business stays in compliance.

A Guide to Drug Testing for Employers

The Risks of Noncompliance

If employees are found to be non-compliant during a DOT audit, employers may be required to pay heavy fines. In addition, employers will be held responsible for any service errors that occur due to an agent under the influence of such substances. With these large risks, employers are required to regularly screen their workers for drug and alcohol abuse. This can prevent costly violations and accidents that may occur as a result of substance use.

The Importance of Training

drug testingThese federal regulations are in place to protect citizens, employees, and businesses from adverse effects of drugs and alcohol. Often, the best way to accomplish this is through the spread of education and training. Employers must also develop a written policy regarding the use of alcohol and drugs and provide this information to each team member.

To remain compliant with federal regulations, you need reliable alcohol testing and drug testing services like those at Artesia Drug and Alcohol Screening. Dedicated to providing excellent service and trustworthy results, these drug testing facilities can offer packages that suit the needs of any client. If you have any questions about their services, feel free to give them a call today at (575) 746-3404. You can also find more information on their website

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