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Why Should You Schedule Catering for Your Holiday Party Sooner Rather Than Later? November 17, 2017

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Why Should You Schedule Catering for Your Holiday Party Sooner Rather Than Later?, Milford, Connecticut

The key to throwing a memorable holiday party is giving yourself plenty of time to prepare. When you arrange everything in advance, you have more options regarding the catering menu, venue, and entertainment because no one else has booked anything yet. Before you can book anything, though, you need to decide on a theme.

If you want something unique that is sure to please everyone, why not host a holiday fiesta? Throwing a fabulous fiesta is easy, and once you decide on the Mexican food you plan on serving, the rest of the party will come together effortlessly. Below, the catering team at Fonda La Paloma in Milford, CT, shares what you should know about ordering tacos, fajitas, and other popular specialties for a large group of people:

Why You Should Plan Your Holiday Catering Menu Now

Establish a Timeline for Everything Else

Calculating how much food you need for a party is one of the most challenging aspects of hosting. You certainly want to have enough for everyone, but if you order too much food, a lot will go to waste. Fortunately, a seasoned catering professional can help you determine exactly how much you should order based on the number of guests you have invited.

cateringPlacing a tentative order in advance will help you determine when you need to complete other essential tasks, like sending out invites and confirming the final headcount. Once you have the guest list, you can then verify the amount of food you will need from the caterer shortly before the event.

Ensure a Cohesive Party

It is not uncommon to plan a party around the menu. After all, some people may not take part in the entertainment, but nearly everyone in attendance is going to enjoy some of the food. If you want to plan a cohesive party, it is wise to devise a menu before planning anything else.

If you want to order mouthwatering food for your holiday party, turn to Fonda La Paloma in Milford. They make hosting easy by supplying everything you need to ensure no one leaves the event hungry. Check out their website to view their full menu, or call (203) 693-2924 to discuss your catering needs today.

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