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3 Reasons It's Important to Have a Living Will November 25, 2017

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3 Reasons It's Important to Have a Living Will, Charlotte, North Carolina

A living will is a legal document that records your wishes for medical treatment and personal care if you are someday incapable of making these decisions. While many people feel uncomfortable thinking about this type of health crisis, it's imperative that all adults take the time to decide what level of care they would want. The following guide discusses the importance of putting these wishes in writing.

3 You Need a Living Will

1. Puts Your Wishes on the Record

Making important end-of-life decisions while you still have the ability to do so ensures these wishes will be followed. You have the right to accept or refuse certain medical treatments, including extraordinary life-saving or life-prolonging measures. The living will can also be used to express bathing and personal grooming preferences if you are unable to perform these tasks.

2. Reduces Stress for Your Loved Ones

living will Charlotte NCIn many cases where an individual cannot make decisions for themselves, their loved ones are tasked with deciding what type of care they should receive. This can present a significant emotional burden and even create rifts when close family members have different, strongly held opinions. Making your preferences known in a living will helps your loved ones avoid a potentially stressful situation.

3. Minimizes Financial Burdens

Stating your preferences in a living will can also reduce your medical expenses. Without a directive, family members may spend a significant amount of time and resources on treatments that don't work. They may be financially responsible for these medical procedures if there is not enough money left in your estate. Having a living will to consult will give your loved ones peace of mind knowing you will receive the treatments you want and can afford.


If you are considering a living will, let the estate planning attorneys at The Law Office of J. Baron Groshon help you start the process. For nearly three decades, the firm has been helping clients in the Charlotte, NC, area find solutions to a variety of will and estate issues. Call (704) 342-2876 or visit the firm's website to speak with a trusted attorney today.

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