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4 Common Types of Personal Injury Claims November 21, 2017

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4 Common Types of Personal Injury Claims, Lexington-Fayette Central, Kentucky

A personal injury claim sets out to get compensation for those who have endured life-limiting injuries because of someone else's carelessness or negligence. Personal injuries come in many different forms, though there are some that are more common than others. Below, four of the most prevalent types of personal injury cases are explored in more detail.

4 Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

1. Car Accidents

Car accidents are the leading reason people file personal injury claims. If you've been involved in an accident that is the fault of another party, you have the right to seek damages and hold the responsible party accountable. After a car accident, always get checked out by a medical professional, even if you show no immediate signs of injury.

2. Slips & Falls

personal injurySlips and falls occur most often when public spaces are not tended to in optimal ways for public safety. Falling on an unshovelled sidewalk or driveway, a faulty piece of flooring, or a spill that has not been cleaned up are all frequently seen slip and fall injuries. In most cases, the owner of the building can be targeted in a lawsuit for their failure to maintain their space and provide a safe environment.

3. Medical Malpractice

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals follow an oath that says, "First, do no harm." But accidents, mistakes, and outright negligence can cause harm and have a serious impact on an injured patient's life and future. Never discount the seriousness of medical malpractice—it is far more common than you think.

4. Work Injuries

Workplace injuries make up a large number of personal injury claims filed every year. Many cases can be resolved by following the appropriate workers' compensation channels, but not all issues can be worked out this way. In situations where your employer intentionally caused your accident or did not carry proper workers' compensation coverage, you may be able to file a personal injury claim and pursue damages through the civil courts.


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