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3 Qualities of a Great Driving School Instructor November 16, 2017

Beechwood, Rochester
3 Qualities of a Great Driving School Instructor, Rochester, New York

Learning how to drive is a rite of passage for many. It’s no small feat to learn the fine art of navigating the roads, and that’s often attributed to a great driving school instructor. Just what is it that sets the great apart from the merely good? Here are three key characteristics you should seek in a driving instruction professional.

3 Qualities of a Great Driving School Instructor

1. Experience

Experience is vital. One may have the basic knowledge of driving rules, laws, and regulations, but understanding how to best communicate that knowledge is key. In addition to a imparting a thorough understanding of the basics, skilled instructors also prepare their students to recognize potentially threatening situations in advance, teaching them how to take initiative, and encouraging defensive driving.

Rochester, NY driving school2. Understanding

Qualified instructors also recognize that no two students are the same. Driving schools accommodates a wide range of personalities, after all—some may be more enthusiastic, while others may be nervous. Either way, instructors are trained to adapt to each student’s unique needs as they learn to drive safely. 

3. Enthusiasm

What good is a lesson if it’s not at least a little bit enjoyable? Great instructors make the effort to make every driving lesson memorable and interesting. The key is to make the lesson engaging, so that students look forward to each one and focus with even greater intensity.

If you’re thinking of joining a driving school or enrolling your teen in one, it’s important to do your research beforehand. Read reviews and ask trusted people in the community, such as schoolteachers and fellow parents, for advice. With a little legwork, you can be certain that you’ll be schooled by only the best.


Morgan School of Driving offers private in-car instruction to students in Fairport, Greece, and Rochester, NY. If you’re seeking a reputable driving school with highly regarded driving instruction classes, look no further. Visit the school’s website to learn more, or call (585) 425-2410.

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