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4 Benefits You Never Knew Tumbling Offers the Body November 30, 2017

Penfield, Monroe
4 Benefits You Never Knew Tumbling Offers the Body, Penfield, New York

Parents will often sign their child up for gymnastics classes starting at a young age, as children need to have an active lifestyle to help their brain to develop. The Gymnastics Training Center Of Rochester in Penfield, NY, provides all sorts of classes for children starting at the age of three just for this reason. One of their more lively activities is tumbling, where students learn everything from a forward roll to back handsprings. Read below how tumbling classes benefit the body, both mentally and physically.  

Benefits of Tumbling Classes 

Grow Strong Bones

Any weight-bearing activity like tumbling will help your child develop strong, healthy bones. By developing tough bones at a young age, your child will be less at risk for osteoporosis and other bone diseases when they get older.

Reduces Depression

Several forms of exercise have been linked to reducing depression, and tumbling and other gymnastics classes are no exception. By increasing endorphin production, tumbling can help reduce stress, anxiety, and sleep issues.  

Improves Self-Confidence

tumbling gymnasticsOften, gymnasts will learn not to be too critical of themselves before other kids their age, as performing a tumbling routine for a competition will allow them to develop the skills to analyze their performance as a judge would. This ability will often be applied to other areas of your child’s life, and you will find that they have a high self-esteem.  

Promotes Healthy Cognitive Function

Tumbling classes can be considered an intense physical activity depending on the age and skill level of the students. As your child advances in their skill level, they’ll be asserting more of their energy, which has been linked to improved cognitive function. Gymnastics has been shown to result in higher academic performances and aid in the development of your child’s reasoning skills, language communication, memory, learning, and attention span.  

Whether your child is just turning three or has already entered high school, it’s never too late to begin taking tumbling classes. If you’re in the Penfield area, The Gymnastics Training Center Of Rochester provides not only tumbling classes but also ballet and cheer. To learn about the classes they offer, visit their website or give them a call at (585) 388-8686. 

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