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3 Piece of Information Your Primary Physician Needs November 22, 2017

Dothan, Houston
3 Piece of Information Your Primary Physician Needs, Dothan, Alabama

Communicating openly with your primary physician ensures you will receive the highest quality care. Disclosing information about unusual symptoms, health habits, and lifestyle changes keeps the doctor informed about your condition. While some of these details are sensitive and potentially uncomfortable, the team at Fairview Clinic in Dothan, AL, believes they are essential to providing the most effective treatment.

What a Primary Physician Should Know About You

1. Unusual Symptoms

Even if you are visiting the primary physician for an annual wellness exam, the doctor will want to know about any symptoms that you are experiencing. If you are nervous, ashamed, or embarrassed to discuss a possible cause for concern, remember that the doctor is invested in protecting your health. They hear from worried patients every day and know how to handle sensitive subjects with care. Being honest about changes in your health gives the physician the tools they need to monitor and address conditions before they cause serious problems.

2. Current Medications or Supplements

primary physician Dothan ALThe doctor should know about all medications that you are currently taking, including those prescribed by other care providers, over-the-counter drugs, and vitamins or herbal supplements. However, people often forget the names of what they take and how often they need it. Before the appointment, go through your medicine cabinet prior and write down the names and dosage instructions for everything you take. 

3. Lifestyle Habits

Health care providers need to know about both good and bad lifestyle habits that can have an impact on your health. This includes information about your sleep schedule, exercise routine and diet, alcohol consumption, and sexual activity. They will identify habits you should keep, areas for improvement, and potential risk factors for illness.

If you are overdue for a wellness exam or need a reliable primary care provider, turn to Fairview Clinic. Their health care team provides exceptional and attentive care for every patient to help them achieve the best possible outcome. Visit the clinic’s website to learn more about their team and health screenings, and call (334) 794-3192 to make an appointment with a primary physician.

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