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3 Health Benefits of Clay Court Tennis for Seniors November 21, 2017

Beavercreek, Greene
3 Health Benefits of Clay Court Tennis for Seniors, Beavercreek, Ohio

Exercise is crucial for seniors to stay healthy, but not all sports are the right fit. Some put too much strain on the body, while others may not be engaging, which is why the staff at Beavercreek Clay Courts Tennis Club in Dayton, OH, suggests trying clay court tennis. It offers many advantages targeted toward seniors; plus, learning a new sport provides a healthy boost to your mental and physical well-being. If you’re looking for a new activity, read on to learn more about the benefits of clay court tennis.

3 Benefits of Clay Court Tennis for Seniors

1. Full-Body Health

Tennis addresses a number of health needs. Most importantly, it provides ample opportunities to improve your respiratory and cardiovascular health. You’ll also notice healthy weight loss, as well as increased strength as you build lean muscle. The variety of full-body movements tennis demands will also benefit your bones and joints, which is beneficial for current and preventative health care.

2. Low Impact

tennisClay tennis courts are one of the most forgiving surfaces, making them ideal for seniors who may have knee, hip, or ankle issues. Tennis requires a lot of quick movements, and clay surfaces make it easier to stop and change directions quickly without your body absorbing too much shock. This significantly reduces the risk of injury while ensuring you enjoy yourself and get healthy exercise.

3. Mental Health

It’s important to keep your brain active and engaged as you age, and tennis is a great sport for maintaining cognitive health. The coordination and quick reflexes take an immense amount of concentration, and the general structure of the game also helps with memory. You can also make new friends by joining a tennis league, which is important, as socializing has many mental health benefits.

Whether you’re an experienced player or want to give tennis a try for the first time, turn to Beavercreek Clay Courts Tennis Club. Opening in May 2018, the club will offer lessons and services for players of every level. Call (937) 956-8864 today to speak with them, or visit their website and Facebook page to learn about their memberships.

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