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3 Kitchen Trends to Discuss With Your Remodeling Contractor November 28, 2017

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3 Kitchen Trends to Discuss With Your Remodeling Contractor, Washburn, Wisconsin

Kitchen renovations can change the look of your home and make it more functional. Dahl Construction Company, the leading remodeling contractor in Bayfield, WI, helps many homeowners determine the best ways to transform their space. Below they offer several compelling trends to serve as inspiration for your project.

Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends 

1. Go All-White

In the past few years, many homeowners have stopped believing the myth that white should be avoided in the kitchen. In fact, it’s common to find all-white kitchens complete with walls, trim, window coverings, countertops, cabinets, and appliances in this neutral hue. Opting for this design approach will make the room feel airy and spacious.

2. Reconsider Your Hardware

remodeling contractorRegular drawer pulls and door handles are a thing of the past. Upgrade your kitchen with the help of hydraulic doors. These easy-to-open fixtures allow you to access your cabinets and drawers with the push of a button, a function that is especially helpful for children or the elderly. Ask your remodeling contractor if they have a favorite brand to ensure quality.

3. Think Small

Whether you have a huge kitchen or cramped space, small is trending. Instead of taking up a ton of room with a large island, big light fixtures, and tall cabinets, consider minimizing your design approach. Known as “micro-living,” this trend is ideal for guest houses. Your remodeling contractor will help you decide the best size appliances and type of countertops and cabinets for the room.

Current kitchen trends aren’t just popular—they can add value to your home and make the room more enjoyable. Make sure you’re working with a highly experienced, friendly remodeling contractor on all projects. To talk with the experts at Dahl Construction Company, call (715) 779-3600. The father-son company is known for their excellent craftsmanship and open communication. Visit the website to learn about their custom homes and additions, renovations and remodels, pole buildings, garages, foundation work, and other general contracting offerings. 

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