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4 Steps Involved in Building Demolition November 27, 2017

Sunman, Ripley
4 Steps Involved in Building Demolition, Sunman, Indiana

If you’re getting ready to tear down your home and replace it with a new structure, you need to work with a building demolition company. The demolition process is quite extensive, and there’s more to it than just hiring the contractor. The professionals at David Gunter Excavating in Sunman, IN, specialize in land clearing, demolition, and excavation. Here, they discuss steps involved in the building demolition process.

What’s Involved in Building Demolition?

1. Schedule an Inspection

The first step after hiring your contractor is scheduling an inspection of the home. According to many state laws, the house must be checked for hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead paint, mold, and rotted wood.

2. Get the Necessary Permits

building demolitionOnce the inspection is cleared, you need to acquire the proper permits for the demolition. Check your government’s website for the local regulations, which often pertain to noise, disposal of debris, and hours of operation. Consult your building demolition contractor to see if they’ll handle acquiring the permits for you. 

3. Make Sure the Area Is Safe

You need to protect any nearby buildings or walkways from any demolition-related safety hazards. Use temporary fencing and make sure to pass out flyers or let your neighbors know beforehand about the date of the demolition.

4. Demolish the Building

Once the past steps are complete, it’s time for the team to demolish your building. The length of the process depends on the type of property and equipment being used, but the average home should take only a few days. Once it ends, your contractor is responsible for the cleanup and salvage of any recyclable materials.

If you’re looking to schedule residential or commercial building demolition services, turn to the leading contractors at David Gunter Excavating in Ripley County. They also provide a wide range of additional services, such as pond building and general bulldozing. Contact them today at (812) 569-7989 to speak with a representative, or visit their Facebook page for more information about the company and their services. 

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