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3 Factors to Consider Before Opting for Water Well Drilling November 23, 2017

Union, Tioga
3 Factors to Consider Before Opting for Water Well Drilling, Union, Pennsylvania

If you’ve recently purchased property, you need a water source. Some people opt out of city water supplies and instead choose water well drilling. But how do you know if this option is right for you? Here are three factors you must consider before moving forward with a water well.

3 Considerations Before Water Well Drilling 

1. Permitting

Check with your local government to make sure well drilling is a viable option for your property. Your city’s water department can inform you of the necessary permits. Your contractor may help with this process to ensure your well is legal.

2. Location

water well drillingA drilling contractor won’t pick a spot at random and make a hole in your yard. They factor in land features such as ponds, hills, trees, and standing water to help you decide on the location for the well. An improperly placed well may become contaminated or experience drainage problems that interfere with efficiency.

3. Water Supply

Creating a well starts with experimental drilling to check the water supply. If there isn’t much H2O available, water well drilling may not be viable. A well driller will talk you through an estimate of how much water you likely need per month so you can best assess if your property’s supply is sufficient.


Work with a water well drilling company that has experience in your area. They’ll know the ordinances and permits you need and can pay special attention to local contaminant issues to ensure a water well can suit your needs. Call Kuser Well Drilling in Roaring Branch, PA, at (570) 673-8189 or visit the website to learn about their highly trained staff, top-notch technology, and expert drilling techniques. The company offers personalized water well installations and maintenance to care for water systems throughout Bradford, Sullivan, Tioga, and Lycoming counties.

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