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The Truth Behind the Myths About Electric Heat Pumps December 1, 2017

Cincinnati, Hamilton
The Truth Behind the Myths About Electric Heat Pumps, Cincinnati, Ohio

When you’re searching for dependable heating and cooling solutions for every season, an electric heat pump may be at the top of your list. These appliances work to move hot air into or out of your home to create an indoor climate that’s perfect for you. But are they right for you? Osterwisch Company is one HVAC service that believes many consumers can benefit from these adaptable resources. To make sure you have all the facts on heat pumps, this plumbing and electrical contractor of Cincinnati, OH, debunks a few common myths about the appliance.

5 Electric Heat Pump Myths Debunked

1. More Expensive Than Conventional HVAC Solutions

People often believe that heat pumps are more expensive to operate because they are used year-round, adjust the temperature for individual rooms, and aren’t as complex as larger appliances. However, these devices are incredibly energy-efficient; they typically require less operating power than conventional systems to help you achieve comfortable climate control. Plus, as ductless solutions, they are much less expensive to install.

2. Bad for Air Quality

While heat pumps are small, it doesn’t mean that they collect more dust or that they are a breeding ground for bacteria. Like other HVAC systems, these devices use filters that can actually help improve the air quality inside your home. To get the most benefits, however, you will need to clean and regularly replace the filters.

3. Old Homes Can’t Have Them

heat pumpElectric heat pumps can be installed easily in new construction and old homes alike. These appliances do not require any expensive adjustments to existing ducted systems and can be installed in a few hours with minimal disruption to your living space.

4. Not Appropriate for Cold-Weather Climates

To warm up homes, these appliances pull hot air from the outdoors and deliver them back into the living space. As such, many believe that when temperatures are below freezing, it’s impossible for any heat to be extracted. However, the truth is that heat pumps can still pull hot air when temperatures are well below 0 °F.

5. Hard to Maintain

While heat pumps are used year-round, they tend to work more efficiently and rely on fewer components than other HVAC systems. As such, the appliances aren’t subject to short life spans and heavy maintenance requirements as many consumers would believe. In fact, with routine cleaning and care, these devices run strong for an average of 15 years.

Once you dispel the myths about electric heat pumps, you can start to embrace that these appliances are a great way to improve indoor comfort. For easy heat pump installations and services in Cincinnati, OH, turn to the specialists at Osterwisch Company. Providing exceptional service for more than 70 years, this contractor can reliably assist with all heating and cooling solutions including ducted systems and geothermal heat pumps. Learn more about their expertise online or call (513) 791-3282 to schedule service or request a quote.