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Why X Zone™ Lures Are Ideal for Fall Bass Fishing November 21, 2017

Windsor Locks, Hartford County
Why X Zone™ Lures Are Ideal for Fall Bass Fishing, Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Fish feed up in the fall, making it the perfect season for bass fishing. To take advantage of the prime fall conditions, you need the right bait. David Santos Fishing in Windsor Locks, CT, recommends X Zone™ Lures for these activities because they mimic the bait the fish are searching for during this season. Whether you’re a recreational angler or a pro, they’ll help you reel in an impressive catch. 

As the water temperatures begin to drop, bass, like other fish, eat more than usual in preparation for winter. Knowing where to look and using the right equipment will help you catch more of them. This is where X Zone Lures come in. Many of their lures are designed to look like what bass eat, including shad, herring, worms, insects, and more. Forage fish like shad and herring tend to school in places that offer cover, like stumps, grass clumps, and brush piles. Where there are large schools of bait, bass are sure to follow.

X Zone LuresX Zone Lures, like the Slammer and the Pro Series MB Fat Finesse Worm 6-inch have a proven design. When rigged properly, either with a shaky head or Texas-rigged with a tungsten weight, the Finesse Worm’s tail stands straight up once it hits the bottom, just as natural bait would. The Slammer is designed to mimic a variety of forage fish and can be used with many rigs to achieve the particular look and movement of the fish in your area.

Whether you’re new to the sport of bass fishing or a seasoned angler, you can’t go wrong including X Zone Lures in your tackle box this fall. To learn more about these products and how to use them, call David Santos Fishing at (860) 869-7722. As an outdoor sports and fishing gear enthusiast, he can answer all of your questions. Follow him on Facebook for more information on equipment as well as fishing tournament results.