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Concrete Company Answers FAQs About Precast Concrete Vaults November 16, 2017

West Plains, Howell
Concrete Company Answers FAQs About Precast Concrete Vaults, West Plains, Missouri

When you need above- or below-ground storage, shelter, or workspace, a precast concrete vault is often an ideal solution. It's safe, sturdy, and durable, and is easily customized to meet your unique needs. If you are unfamiliar with this product, Olson Precast Concrete, the most trusted construction and concrete company in West Plains, MO, answers some frequently asked questions about precast concrete vaults in the following sections.

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Vaults

What Is a Precast Concrete Vault?

A concrete vault is a solid concrete enclosure with openings for personnel access, ventilation, cabling. It may be located above or below ground, for use as material storage, shelter, and utilities access. The structure should be watertight and thus feature all walls, ceiling, and floor.

What Can a Precast Concrete Vault Be Used For?

Concrete companyVaults of this type are used for many purposes. They are indispensable for use in septic tanks, water treatment plants, drainage systems, chemical storage, and maintenance for underground gas, electric, and geothermal utilities.

Can You Buy Concrete Vaults in Various Sizes & Shapes?

A reputable concrete company can produce precast concrete vaults in nearly any size or shape you require. You can typically find ready-made round, square, and rectangular vaults, or special order a specific size if you need a custom vault.

Are Load-Bearing Vaults Available?

When needed, reinforced concrete with exceptional compressive strength will be used for load-bearing purposes. Custom precast concrete vaults can be placed beneath roadways, parking lots, or airport runways, as they can handle the weight of light traffic, heavy equipment, or even aircraft.

Olson Precast Concrete, an experienced concrete company in West Plains, MO, can help you choose the right concrete vault for your purposes. They have numerous ready-made vaults in various sizes and shapes and take custom orders for products to meet your individual needs. Visit their website to send them an online message, or call (417) 256-1500 to discuss your requirements with a friendly representative.

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