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How Precast Concrete Changed Construction November 21, 2017

West Plains, Howell
How Precast Concrete Changed Construction, West Plains, Missouri

Concrete is a durable material made from water, aggregates, and cement, and is essential to most construction projects. When prepared and hardened at a plant, it’s known as precast concrete, and is typically used in large-scale construction projects. The skilled contractors at Olson Precast Concrete, the premier construction supplier in West Plains, MO, are here to share a brief history lesson on how precast concrete changed the construction industry.

constructionPrecast concrete was first used by Ancient Roman builders; they poured concrete into molds, and used these to build their aqueducts, tunnels, and sewers. However, it wasn’t used in the modern world until 1905, when an English engineer named John Alexander Brodie, had the idea to build paneled buildings with precast concrete.

This changed the construction industry, as precast concrete provided many advantages over the traditional method. First, it could be made at ground level, which helped reduce safety risks. There is also more control over the product when it is produced in a plant as opposed to the actual construction site. The molds could also be recycled thousands of times, making it the more cost-effective option for construction projects.

Following this, precast concrete was adopted throughout the world, and used for a variety of purposes. These include building foundations and floors, road and transportation systems, and utility structures. It’s also used extensively in agriculture to build structures such as feeding troughs and slurry channels.

If you’re looking to purchase precast concrete or important building supplies to make your next construction project a success, turn to the professional contractors at Olson Precast Concrete in West Plains, MO. Their extensive inventory also features septic, agricultural, and farm products. Call (417) 256-1500 to speak with a service representative or visit their website for more information about the team and their list of concrete solutions.

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