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5 Tips for Preserving Your Car Battery During Winter November 22, 2017

Aurora-Lemeta, Fairbanks North Star
5 Tips for Preserving Your Car Battery During Winter, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska

Cold weather is extremely hard on your car battery because the temperature affects the chemical reactions that happen inside it to supply power. If the temperature drops too low, your battery may fight to hold a charge. To avoid getting stuck in your parking spot, use these five tips to jump-start your battery.

How to Avoid a Dead Battery in Winter

1. Charge Weekly

During the colder months, your battery is likely to lose its charge slowly over time, especially if you use it for frequent short trips. To counteract this effect, buy a charger from your local auto shop and power up your battery once a week.

2. Replace Your Battery

An older battery can’t hold a charge in adverse conditions as well as a new one can. If it’s been more than three years since your last change, consider a new battery to give your car the best chance in the cold.

3. Avoid Power Drains

You know not to leave your lights on when you get out of the car, but did you know your GPS device and music player drain power as well? Avoid using them, if possible, and don’t keep your heater and seat warmers on for longer than necessary.

4. Park Indoors

If you have a garage to park in, use it! A little shelter from the worst of winter’s cold will help mitigate battery problems. If you can’t park in a garage, try to find covered parking or a spot out of the wind.

5. Get an Actual Jump-Start

Jump-StartIf all else fails and your battery dies, a set of jumper cables and a second car are all you need to get going again. If there’s no one around to help or you don’t have the equipment, find a local company that provides jump-start service.


If your car battery dies and you need a jump-start in Fairbanks, AK, call Arctic Taxi at (907) 455-0000. They will also give you a ride wherever you need to go if your vehicle still won’t start. With 24/7 roadside service, they’re only a phone call away if the winter weather gets the best of your car. Visit them online for more information about their services.

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