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4 Common Types of Negligence in Nursing Homes November 21, 2017

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4 Common Types of Negligence in Nursing Homes , Carlsbad, New Mexico

When you place a loved one into a nursing home, you expect their health and safety to be a top priority. Unfortunately, there are many legal cases involving facility owners, administrators, and staff members who have failed to meet the needs of those in their care. It’s important to recognize the different types of negligence that can occur, so you know when to take action. The attorneys at Balderrama Law Firm in Carlsbad, NM, have extensive experience advocating on behalf of clients who have experienced nursing home abuse and neglect. Below, they explain the primary categories negligence claims are separated into.

Understanding the Different Types of Nursing Home Negligence

1. Basic Needs

When a nursing facility neglects to provide for a resident’s basic needs, this generally means they aren’t giving them a sufficient amount of food or water. It may also mean they aren’t maintaining a safe and clean environment. Look for evidence of malnutrition, dehydration, soiled clothes and bedding, and dirty rooms.

2. Medical

negligenceMedical negligence is when the staff fails to correctly treat a resident’s medical conditions or take the steps to prevent them from developing problems. Generally, this will include failure to oversee the proper allocation of medications. Keep an eye out for bedsores, untreated infections, and sudden changes in behavior.

3. Personal Hygiene

Many nursing home residents need assistance with everyday tasks such as getting dressed, bathing, brushing their teeth, and doing laundry. When staff members disregard these duties, this is another form of negligence. Watch for clues that your loved one is displaying poor hygiene and wearing the same unclean clothes multiple days in a row.

4. Emotional

Emotional neglect refers to residents being constantly ignored and left alone by nursing home staff. This can also involve yelling, ridiculing, and threatening behavior. The effects are usually psychological, so take note if your loved one seems withdrawn and is no longer interested in social activities.  

Nursing home negligence can result in serious injuries or even death. If you notice any signs that indicate a loved one’s needs are being ignored, address the situation right away and determine what your legal options are. If you believe you have a negligence case on your hands, turn to the team at Balderrama Law Firm for assistance. Give them a call at (575) 234-1111 to schedule a consultation, and visit them online for more information on their services today. 

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