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Important Tractor Parts & How They Work November 21, 2017

Harris, Stanly
Important Tractor Parts & How They Work , Harris, North Carolina

Tractors are the modern-day workhorses on a farm. They help farmers haul loads and equipment and perform tasks like fertilizing, plowing, and aerating. These vehicles significantly enhance efficiency and productivity, allowing farmers to cover extensive ground in a short amount of time. You’ve probably seen a tractor, either on the road or in a field. But if you don’t understand farm equipment, you might not realize how sophisticated these machines are. Stanly Tractor Company in New London, NC, is the area’s most trusted power equipment dealer. Here, the team explains tractor parts and how they work. 


Drawbars are crucial to hauling heavy loads—one of a tractor’s primary functions. Tractors are often used to pull major tools such as plows, hay balers, trailers, and manure spreaders. The drawbar is a rod that connects the tractor to whatever it’s dragging. Although it’s secure and sturdy, it’s also flexible, capable of pivoting to go around corners or in circles. 

Wheel & Tracks 

The wheels and tires are much larger than those on a car. The tires also have much more tread, which gives the trailer excellent traction on rough terrain. They are designed to balance the weight of the tractor to prevent it from sinking into the ground. Most tractors are two-wheel drive, meaning the large rear wheels are powered by the engine while the smaller front wheels are used for steering. 


tractor-partsThe hydraulic hitch makes it easy to lift and lower implements and heavy loads. This is particularly important when you need to transport items from one area to another using public roads. For instance, you may need the hydraulic hitch to lower a plow in a field, then lift it to drive it to another site.  

In addition to these tractor parts, some vehicles contain modifications or extra pieces to perform specialized tasks or handle particularly soft or difficult terrain. Whether you’re in the market for new tractor parts or lawn care equipment, stop by Stanly Tractor Company. They have an extensive inventory of high-quality, reliable outdoor power equipment, including Kutoba® brand equipment. Call (704) 983-1106 to speak with a friendly staff member. Or, visit the website for a look at their inventory. 

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