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3 Reasons for Paintless Dent Removal November 25, 2017

McKinney, Collin
3 Reasons for Paintless Dent Removal, McKinney, Texas

Modern advances in technology provide cheaper and easier ways to perform certain tasks, such as auto repair. Traditional dent removal is time-consuming and expensive, but for smaller fixes like a car door dent, shopping cart collisions, and hail damage, it’s not much more than an oil change. Below are some reasons to choose paintless dent removal.

Why Choose Paintless Dent Removal

Fixes It Quicker

The process of traditional dent repair required the filling of the indention and repainting the car, which could take a week or more to complete. Paintless dent repair pops the dent out from the inside, which is fast to fix and takes no more than an hour. While you previously had to drop off the car and come back later, the dent can be fixed while you wait.

Save Money

paintless dent removalThe process used in paintless dent repair allows technicians to streamline the process, making it much more efficient. Due to the time saved by popping out the dent rather than filling it in and repainting, labor costs are much lower, which saves money on the repair. 

Maintain the Original Paint

Car paint these days is durable enough to withstand impact. It’s likely that your car has hail damage but no paint chipped away. Traditional dent repair requires the car to be repainted. By using paintless dent removal, the car retains its original paint job and looks just like it did before the incident.


Repairing a small fix on your car is easier and cheaper with paintless dent removal. If you’ve suffered a small dent in your car and need dent repair, Lockout Auto Hail Repair of McKinney, TX, provides the Dallas area with exceptional service. For more information, call (972) 548-1988 or visit their website.

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