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A Paving Contractor Shares the Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Asphalt November 15, 2017

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A Paving Contractor Shares the Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Asphalt, Troy, Alabama

Even prior to ancient Rome, societies have understood that good road systems are vital for growth and stability. Road systems improve societies’ capabilities of travel, communication, transportation of goods and more. In our modern age, it isn’t enough to simply have working roads: We must maintain them in ways that help rather than harm our environment. In Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and the Florida Panhandle, paving contractors, Midsouth Paving help maintain America’s road systems while constantly striving for more sustainable techniques. Environmentally friendly asphalt is one such option.

Everything About Environmentally Friendly Asphalt, From a Paving Contractor

Environmental Sustainability

Asphalt is among the most efficiently recyclable materials. A massive portion of America’s road systems are made from recycled asphalt.

This means that very little asphalt goes into landfills, little energy is expended each year to create new asphalt, and fewer resources are used in its creation. Even better, asphalt production can use waste materials like oils and concrete that would otherwise seep into the earth from a landfill.

Economic Sustainability

paving contractorBecause asphalt can be easily recycled businesses spend less money on new asphalt production.  This benefits everyone, from consumers to employees to clients. And the lack of produced waste means the government spends less money on waste disposal.

If you’re looking for a paving contractor in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and the Florida Panhandle, then Midsouth Paving may be the right choice for you. This construction service has received numerous commendations, including AAPA Award, NAPA Awards. and the prestigious U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Contractor of the Year award. They handle large-scale jobs on highways, interstates, and road systems with maximum efficiency. To contact them today, visit their website or call (334) 712-7500.

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