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Septic System Service Shares 3 Signs You Have a Leach Field Problem September 27, 2018

Waimanalo, Koolaupoko
Septic System Service Shares 3 Signs You Have a Leach Field Problem, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

A septic system is comprised of multiple parts, each relying on the others to work as a complete unit. One of the major parts of the system is the leach field, which helps filter liquid waste back into the soil surrounding your home. When the leach field has been compromised in any way, you’ll likely encounter sewage backups. Below, Oahu’s go-to septic system contractor, First Quality Environmental, shares three warning signs of a bad leach field.

3 Signs of a Problem With Your Leach Field

1. Unpleasant Odors

Any time you notice the scent of sewage, it indicates a problem with your septic tank and the need for assistance from a septic system service. The tank fills up quickly as it collects waste from showers, sinks, and toilets. When operating correctly, the system is supposed to carry the waste out to the leach field, but when there is a problem in that area, the wastewater will sit in the septic tank and emit a foul odor. This is an urgent sign that you need to have the tank pumped manually. 

2. Backed Up Systemseptic system service

When your septic system is running smoothly, the leach field helps drain water and waste away from your home. When there is a blockage in the system, you’ll see sewage backing up around your shower and sink drains. This indicates a severe clog that can be detrimental for the rest of your system if not addressed right away.

3. Improper Drainage 

If you find yourself dealing with inches of standing water in your tub or sink, you could have a damaged leach field. When the septic tank is clogged with debris, you’ll find that your leach field has trouble draining properly, which will often lead to pooling water on your lawn and in your home. This issue can usually be remedied by a regular pumping service, so if you’re dealing with less-than-perfect drainage at home, call the professionals.

Are you looking for top-quality septic system service on Oahu? If so, contact First Quality Environmental. Since 1991, they have earned a sterling reputation for providing thorough waste management assistance to properties island-wide. For more information, visit them online or give them a call at (808) 259-0100.

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