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Declutter Your Space With These 5 Simple Office Cleaning Tips November 22, 2017

Tylersville, West Chester
Declutter Your Space With These 5 Simple Office Cleaning Tips, West Chester, Ohio

Did you know maintaining a clean office space can help improve productivity? It’s a well-known fact reducing the clutter will go a long way toward eliminating stress and will ensure you stay healthier throughout the year. Yet, for some individuals, it can be difficult to achieve such an orderly atmosphere. The best way to overcome this is through learning the five most basic office cleaning tips and making it a point to stick with them on a daily basis.

5 Common Office Cleaning Tips

1. Create Separate Work Zones

There’s no need to use one area of the room for every task. This will only lead to unorganized piles of paper and folders for several different projects. The simplest solution is to divide your workspace into different sections. Determine which functions will be contained in each portion, and don’t let the components get mixed up.

2. Reduce Desk Clutter

office cleaningYou don’t have to keep all your backup pens, staples, and printer paper near the computer monitor. The easiest way to reduce clutter on the desk is to divide your additional office supplies from the items that are currently in use and placw the extras in a separate container or closet until needed.

3. Designate File Limits

There’s only so much your filing cabinets can handle before they’re considered over capacity. Strive to set limits on how much paperwork your company can save, and go through the files regularly to determine which can be shredded and which can be saved.

4. Hang Up Your Coat

Even something as simple as finding a space for your coat or jacket will help keep your office from feeling cluttered. This could be a coat rack by the door or a hanger on the inside of your closet. Anything is better than having to hang it on the back of your chair and detracting from the room’s visual appeal.

5. Wipe Down All Surfaces

The best way to eliminate germs is by disinfecting the area at least once a month. This can be accomplished by using a canister of cleaning wipes or hiring an experienced office cleaning service. As long as each surface is thoroughly dusted and wiped clean, you can rest assured there won’t be as many health risks throughout the year.


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