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What Is Considered Tactical Gear? December 1, 2017

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What Is Considered Tactical Gear?, Anchorage, Alaska

Tactical gear encompasses a wide variety of products created primarily for military members and law enforcement, including everything from body armor to rugged flashlights. Because they are designed to be durable and serve multiple uses, tactical gear is also popular with hunters, survivalists, and private citizens interested in protecting their homes. Here are a few items that are considered tactical gear.

4 Pieces of Tactical Gear


While some tactical flashlights have features like built-in radios, many are known for their reliability and higher-than-average brightness. They’re also compact but heavy, making them ideal as emergency self-defense weapons.

Tactical Clothing

tactical gearBody armor, including bullet-proof vests, face shields, and protective eyewear, is an important category of tactical gear. Some consumer products are designed to protect against an array of threats, including gunshot wounds and knife attacks. Other pieces of tactical clothing include more pockets and pouches for storing the broad spectrum of equipment law enforcement officers or military personnel may need.

Optical Equipment

Tactical gear encompasses optical equipment like advanced scopes and gun sights. Well-equipped stores offer an array of laser sights, night-vision goggles, and binoculars. Many models have cutting-edge holographic features and other advanced capabilities.

Bags & Pouches

Tactical bags and pouches are made of advanced, weather-resistant material designed to keep your gear safe and dry. These bags are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, with options for almost any application.


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