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The Importance of Bunkers December 6, 2017

Honolulu, Honolulu
The Importance of Bunkers, Honolulu, Hawaii

Bunkers are the part of a ship where fuel is stored, helping guide these vessels safely across the globe. From small boats to full-scale commercial ships, bunkering—the process of fueling up—is what keeps them afloat. As Honolulu, Hawaii’s go-to supplier, Fuelman provides its clients with much-needed fuel products, including propane, gas, and diesel. Here, the company shares why bunkers are so important in the shipping industry.


From a trip across the river to a trans-Atlantic journey, it’s paramount goods reach their destination in a timely, efficient manner. In the shipping industry, this makes bunkers just as important as the engine itself. 

bunkersIn fact, there’s a specialized vessel designed to transport every item imaginable, from coal to cars. Nearly everything boards a boat, tanker, or ship at some time or another, so proper fueling is vital. And since bunkers carry so many of the world’s goods, the quality of the fuel is key. Samples are taken to determine their safety levels, a key part of preparing for lengthy ocean voyages. Each sample is analyzed carefully before the ship can even set sail, guaranteeing ample, quality fuel.

The Industry’s Impact

Even in a modern world, the shipping industry has a huge impact. With this much at stake, it’s clear why bunkers, and the fuel stored within them, are literally keeping the industry afloat. Ships have become larger, faster, and more specialized in what they can carry, making global transportation easier than ever before.

Bunkers house the fuel behind world sea trade, making them incredibly powerful. If you work in the shipping industry and require fuel for your own vessels, Fuelman has exactly what you need. The company also provides wholesale petroleum, propane, diesel, and more, helping both commercial and industrial clients fuel up efficiently. Visit the website to learn more, or call (808) 842-3835 today.

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