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3 Common Types of Smoking Pipes November 20, 2017

Port Malabar Country Club, Palm Bay
3 Common Types of Smoking Pipes, Palm Bay, Florida

Smokers are typically creatures of habit, meaning they often stick to basic options like rolled smokes. While standard variations are convenient, there are multiple types of smoking accessories on the market to choose from. Pipes, for one, are extremely common. If you're interested in switching up your smoking style to a pipe, here are three main types you should know about.

Smoking Accessories: 3 Types of Pipes

1. Spoon Pipes

Smoking AccessoriesSpoons are the most common type of smoking pipe on the market. While they typically come in glass form, you can also find options made from wood. Mimicking the appearance of an actual spoon, they are composed of a bowl that's directly connected to a straight or curved pipe where the mouth is placed. There's also a carb on the edge of the bowl to allow for proper airflow to keep the material lit. The popularity of spoon pipes is a result of the wide variety of options available, as you can purchase them in multiple sizes and colors.

2. Chillum

Chillum pipes are designed for a quick smoke break. Typically composed of a small, single pipe made of glass or metal, the tobacco is packed at the end and lit. This style of pipe only holds a very small amount of material, but it doesn't require the use of a carb to stay lit. Its size also makes it easy to carry with you on the go.

3. Bubbler

Bubblers are another common type of smoking accessory. While they're still designed for dry tobacco like spoon and chillum pipes, they utilize water during the smoking process. The water helps counteract some of the downsides of dry smoking like the intensity and burning sensation. This type of pipe isn't as easy to travel with because of the moisture element, but it is fairly easy to use. Bubblers are typically only created from glass.

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