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A Brief Guide to Self-Storage Rental History November 17, 2017

Upper Falls, Rochester
A Brief Guide to Self-Storage Rental History, Rochester, New York

Often, people run out of space to safely store belongings in their home or office. When this happens, they turn to third-party alternatives to keep their items protected. That’s why the self-storage rental industry is impenetrable to the economic pitfalls that impact other fields. Below is a brief look at the history of this booming business, both past and present.    

A Concise Look at the History of Self-Storage Rentals

Third-Party Storage Dates Back to Ancient China

self-storage-rentalThe concept of storing personal items at guarded public sites dates back more than 6,000 years. In ancient China, people would place turtle shells, bamboo flip-flops, jewelry, and other prized possessions in clay pots. They would bury the vessels underground, where dedicated individuals would guard the area. Later, mud huts served as storage facilities. 

Post-World War II downsizing in homes led to the popularity of self-storage rental in the United States. In 1958, a facility opened in Fort Lauderdale, FL, where customers were given keys for exclusive access to dedicated storage containers. The idea quickly caught on throughout the country, giving birth to today’s modern storage solutions. 

Modern Benefits of Self-Storage Rental

Advancements in the self-storage rental industry have made storing options even more convenient for customers. Many facilities have climate-controlled outdoor and indoor storage units, ensuring frigid temperatures, humidity, and excessive heat don’t damage customers’ belongings. The properties also feature 24-hour surveillance monitoring, gated entry, and onsite personnel to keep away burglars.  


Whether you are planning a relocation or downsizing the home or office, Central Storage in Rochester, NY, is known throughout the area for its secure storage solutions and friendly, trustworthy staff. To discuss available self-storage unit sizes, call (585) 232-1141 to speak with a representative. You can also visit the self-storage rental company online for a break down of unit options and pricing.

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