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7 Common Misconceptions About Irrigation Systems November 22, 2017

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7 Common Misconceptions About Irrigation Systems, Chalco, Nebraska

Irrigation systems keep residential landscapes lush and help plants thrive. If you own a property, this system is critical to maintaining its exterior. However, some common misconceptions could drastically impact the way you care for your lawn. Keep reading to learn the truth behind these myths.

7 Myths About Irrigation Systems Debunked

1. Never Water in the Middle of a Hot Day

irrigation-systemsWatering in the middle of the day won’t damage your lawn, but it’s not a recommended practice—the water might evaporate before it hits the soil. If this happens, water won’t reach the plants’ roots, where hydration really matters.

2. Water “Deeply”

This term gets tossed around often, but most irrigation professionals will tell you watering until the moisture penetrates eight inches beneath the soil is not necessary. While you don’t have to water “deeply,” you should know what type of soil is on your property and adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

3. Never Water at Night

It’s true that fungi love dark, damp conditions, but those that grow on lawns aren’t caused by nighttime watering. In reality, high humidity, overwatering, and heat all contribute to fungal growth.

4. All Plants Can Benefit From the Same Amount of Water

From large trees to small rosebushes, plants require varying amounts of water throughout the year. If you want to ensure your grounds look their best, work with a landscaper to determine the correct hydration requirements for each part of your yard.

5. Plants Can Be Trained

You may have heard it’s possible to teach plants how to thrive in a certain landscape, but this is far from the truth. If you put a shade-loving plant in direct sunlight, it doesn’t matter how much fertilizer you throw at it—the plant won’t thrive. Instead, choose plants that are accustomed to your climate and soil type, and learn how to care for them by speaking with a residential irrigation professional.

6. Daily Watering Causes Shallow Roots

Plants grow roots when there is enough soil and moisture to nourish them. If your landscapes’ roots are shallow, compact or heavy clay soil is probably to blame.

7. Automatic Sprinklers Use More Water

Depending on your lawn’s needs, automatic water sprinklers may use more water than a regular hose. However, these systems also improve watering consistency, which will lead to a healthier, better-looking landscape over time.  

Whether you’re watering a sprawling residential yard or caring for a small vegetable garden, a landscaping professional will ensure you’re taking care of your plants properly and eliminate any lingering misconceptions.


For over 30 years, USA Hoich Irrigation has been Nebraska’s leading irrigation business. Offering full grounds maintenance, irrigation systems, and sprinkler installation, you can trust this team’s five-star workmanship on any project. To learn more about their services, call (402) 896-5899 today or visit them online.

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