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3 Fun Tips to Jump-Start Early Childhood Education November 30, 2017

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3 Fun Tips to Jump-Start Early Childhood Education, Cortlandt, New York

The first few years of your child’s life are packed with exploration, fun, and countless opportunities to learn exciting new facts about the world. You can better prepare your kid for a successful year of kindergarten by supporting their early childhood learning. There are various steps you can take to foster their self-esteem, develop their physical abilities, and strengthen their overall social and emotional development. 

3 Ways to Support Early Childhood Learning 

1. Encourage Your Child to Be Independent

Find moments throughout your day to encourage your child to try things on their own. Instead of putting their jacket on for them, ask if they’d like to do it themselves. Invite your kid to select a snack from a few nutritious choices. Giving them structured opportunities to complete tasks by themselves fosters a valuable sense of self-esteem and confidence. 

2. Develop Routines

early childhood-learningClassroom life focuses around structured blocks of time, and that transition will be easier for your child if they’re used to regular routines—which is why predictable rituals are an essential part of early childhood learning. Pick a few activities and stick to them, such as getting dressed before breakfast or brushing their teeth before storytime.

3. Create Opportunities for Teamwork

Once your child starts attending kindergarten, they’re going to have to adjust to spending extended stretches of time playing and learning with other kids. Help develop their emotional intelligence and social skills by enrolling them in child care educational programs or preschool, which will make it easy for your young ones to interact with others in a fun, supportive environment.


For over 13 years, A Rising Star Children’s Center has provided families in Cortlandt Manor, NY, and the surrounding areas with fun, exciting programs for early childhood learning. They have over 40 years of combined teaching experience and will help your little one build the confidence and independence they need to succeed in school and life. To discover more about their child care, before and after-school programs, and preschool services, call (914) 788-4582 today, or visit them online to learn more about the center.

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