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What You Should Know About Your Oil Heat System February 1, 2018

West Haven, New Haven County
What You Should Know About Your Oil Heat System, West Haven, Connecticut

Oil can be used to heat your home through a furnace or a boiler and radiators. Oil heat systems are complicated and should always be serviced by a professional, but it’s still important for you to understand the basics of how your system works.

How Your Furnace Works

There are two steps your oil heat system must follow: heat and distribution. Your furnace has a combustion chamber where the oil is ignited and heated. Then, a heat exchanger warms the gas that is flowing through the component. The furnace uses a fan to pull in cold air from the air duct and switch it for warm air through the heat exchanger. The warm air is then circulated back to the house.

An older, less efficient furnace still maintains a high enough temperature to heat the air. It vents the gases through the chimney. Newer models pull the exhaust air through a heat exchanger with a fan. The fan creates the draft that makes the gas leave through the chimney. A condensing model is most efficient because it cools the gases first before venting the hot exhaust.

How Your Boiler Works

oil heat systemYour boiler uses gas to heat water instead of air. The initial process of heating is the same. It starts in the combustion chamber by igniting and warming the heating oil. Then, a heat exchanger warms the water, which travels through the house where you use it power your radiators. The boiler uses pumps to propel the water through the pipes. The cooled water is then cycled back to the boiler and reheated again.


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