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3 Steps for Picking the Perfect Sofa November 21, 2017

Floyd Bennett Airfield, Brooklyn
3 Steps for Picking the Perfect Sofa, Brooklyn, New York

Sofas come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your living space, you’ll need to do some research to find a piece that brings comfort and style into your home. Below are some shopping tips to help narrow down your choices and help you select the ideal couch.

A Guide to Buying the Perfect Sofa

Test for Quality

Trendy sofas are nice for a season or so, but just like fashion fads, you’ll soon grow tired of them. In other cases, they will wear quickly and require replacement. Therefore, it’s better to invest a little more in a well-crafted, timeless piece that will last a lifetime. You can determine the quality of sofas similar to mattresses—check the frame, springs, cushion, and support. Your sofa should feel firm, yet comfortable enough for relaxing for long periods.

Check the Fabric 

sofasThe fabric of a sofa should be akin to a well-tailored coat. If the couch is patterned, the lines and seams should align correctly, the stitching should be impeccable, and all of the buttons or additional pieces should be sewed on tightly. It’s also a good idea to look for a UFAC (Upholstered Furniture Action Council) tag, which proves the piece meets standard fire safety regulations.

Take Measurements

Your sofa can tick every box on your checklist, but if it doesn’t fit in your home, it won’t work. Take measurements in your home ahead of time and check the labels on each sofa to make sure they fit within your specifications. Talk to a staff member at your local furniture store to see if their sofas are organized by size.


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