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Mathnasium problems of the week! February 26, 2015

Manasquan, Monmouth County
Mathnasium problems of the week!, Manasquan, New Jersey

See how well your mental math is...

Lower Elementary:
Question: Stephanie has 4 dimes in one hand and 5 dimes in the other hand. How much money does she have altogether?

lemonUpper Elementary:
Question: Cyrus is growing 8 lemon trees. Each tree produced 10 lemons. He sold the lemons for $2 each. How much money did Cyrus make by selling all of his lemons?

chocolatesMiddle School:
Question: A choir group bought boxes of chocolates for $5 each. They sold the boxes of chocolate for $8 each. They earned a total of $57 profit from selling every box. How many boxes did the choir group sell?

Algebra and Up:
Question: If we have three numbers x, y, and z where z < y, x – z > 0, and y – x > 0, what is the largest number?

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