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Why You Need to Schedule Winter Service for Your Cooling & Heating System November 21, 2017

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Why You Need to Schedule Winter Service for Your Cooling & Heating System, Exeter, New Hampshire

It’s that time of year again—days are getting shorter, temperatures are starting to fall, and it’s time to think about turning on the heater. Before the weather gets too frigid, it’s a wise idea to have your HVAC system serviced. You may think you don’t need anything done to your cooling and heating system if there’s not an obvious problem; however, there are several good reasons to have your furnace checked before winter.

Good Energy Efficiency Means Lower Utility Bills

Keeping your furnace up-to-date on maintenance can help it retain 95% of its efficiency over its lifetime. It’s important to change your air filters once a month when you’re regularly using your system to keep it at top performance.

Longer Life Span for Your System               

Your cooling and heating system has a longer life span if it’s kept in peak condition. In fact, it can last five to eight years longer if you schedule routine maintenance. If it’s under 10 years old, you can get away with a checkup every other year.

Home Safety

cooling and heating systemIt’s critical to have your cooling and heating system inspected every year. Trained HVAC professionals test for carbon monoxide and loose gas lines. They also look for dangerous cracks in your burners, valves, and heat exchanger, and test your ignition and exhaust systems to ensure there are no hazards.

Fewer Breakdowns During Brutal Cold

If you’ve ever had your furnace quit on you, you know it always seems to happen during the coldest week of the year. Heating professionals get extremely busy as the temperatures get lower, and it’s no fun waiting for your furnace to be repaired. Regular maintenance can prevent 85% of repairs over its lifetime.


Whether you need a heating tuneup or full replacement, Key Heating & Air Conditioning in Exeter, NH, can help. They’ve been installing, maintaining, and servicing cooling and heating systems for more than 20 years. The team also has a selection of geothermal systems, wireless thermostats, and ductless heating and cooling systems. For a free estimate, give them a call at (603) 436-8811 or visit them online.         

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